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Feagro announces new access to the exhibition park

Feagro 2023, recognized as the largest jersey cattle show in Latin America, is preparing a unique experience for this year's visitors. In order to optimize access and circulation within the Huberto Oenning Exhibition Park, several significant changes will be implemented in the entrance and parking system.


The central point of the changes is the new access to the park, Access 02, located on the banks of SC-108, which officially becomes the entrance to the event. This strategic restructuring aims to provide more agile and direct access, especially for those arriving from the center of Braço do Norte. In addition, an exclusive parking lot will be available for visitors from Rio Fortuna and the Dam. Those who choose to access the park via Uruguaia will enjoy a newly opened stretch of asphalt, which guarantees greater comfort and safety during the journey.

The organization of the entry and exit flow was rethought to provide a more fluid and convenient experience for visitors to Feagro 2023. The main gate will be used as an exit to the park, simplifying circulation between attractions and facilitating the movement of participants.

New billing system

Another innovation that will bring greater convenience to visitors is the new parking charging model. Starting this year, payment will be made after entering the park. Therefore, when accessing the park, each visitor will receive a parking ticket, which can be paid at the payment booths distributed throughout the fair. The main means of payment, such as PIX, credit, debit and cash cards, will be accepted. After making the payment, a receipt will be provided, which must be properly kept and presented when leaving the park.

Authentication will be performed upon checkout, ensuring security and correct billing for the services offered.

This change aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the fair without prior concerns about paying in advance for parking, avoiding queues and streamlining the process of entering and leaving the park.

Feagro 2023, whose objective is to promote agribusiness and publicize the region's potential, is looking forward to the arrival of visitors in this new format of access to the park. The changes were carefully planned to provide an enjoyable, responsive and safe experience throughout the event.

Avoid queues and save time!

In addition to easy access to the Huberto Oenning Exhibition Park through the new Access 02, you can now also enjoy the Free Parking Pass, providing even more convenience and savings.

With the Free Pass, you have unlimited access to parking during all days of the fair, avoiding queues and making the most of all the attractions, without extra worries.

Get your Free Pass directly at the Central Organizing Committee stand during the days of the event.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Feagro 2023 to the fullest with easy access and the Free Parking Pass, experiencing unforgettable moments at the largest agriculture meeting in the region.

For more information about Feagro 2023 and stay up to date with all the news, visit the official website at< /u>


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